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Overcoming the “Convert Everyone” Mentality

As I have left the faith this last year and half, I have watched old ideas shed themselves from my mind systematically. One of these ideas was the mentality that said I should always be paying attention to / worrying about what other people “think”.

The Protestant churches and schools I remember spent an inordinate amount of time with their finger to the wind of culture, constantly on high alert. Every slight change in culture or thinking outside the church should be brought to the attention of those in the church and critiqued for everyone’s “edification”. In particular, I remember spending a considerable amount of time discussing “post-modernism”, why it is bad, how it is bad, how we can counter it, and how we could witness to those confused post-modernists.

In many ways, I feel like some of the Christian commenters on this blog are doing this. They are here to “feel out” why people are leaving the faith, to get a sense of the changes in culture that are causing the church to lose members. I do not blame them for doing this. If one has the Absolute Truth of the Universe in their possession, it is only natural that they guard it – and themselves – from every “empty philosophy” the world offers.

But this post is not for them, it is for those who are leaving the faith and feel an overwhelming – and perhaps debilitating – responsibility to convert or immunize everyone around them from Christianity. In the time I have spent perusing blogs of ex-Christians, I have seen that there tends to be a period of militant anti-Christianity as people who are severely hurt by those beliefs try to protect everyone else from a similar fate. I went through this period myself…

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1st True Revelation of The Great Alien Unveiling

Let me just tell you the truth. You can deny it, you can invent any naturalistic explanations you want, but this is the truth. If you reject this message, it proves that you are deluded and blinding yourself from the truth because you do not want to submit to the truth and instead are just enjoying the delusion of your religion.

The universe is governed by a collection of supernatural alien races. These races control worlds, ours included.

As experiments and mind control of their creatures, these aliens invent and toy with religious ideas upon their creatures. They make ’supernatural’ appearances (angels, ghosts, etc.) to scare the creatures into religious ways of thinking that help them organize and keep them from advancing too quickly. They have often been confused with the gods of old and the Nephilim and other experiments they have performed.

Islam, Christianity, Mormonism… all angelic appearances and prophecies, etc. are all mind control techniques by these aliens. Even Jesus was a product of one of their plans to control the human population…

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Some problems with calling the Bible God’s Word

When I was at Bible school beginning my study to be an apologist, I spent countless hours studying and rethinking my perspective on the Bible as God’s Word. What follows are some of the problems I ran into that I could not reconcile to a level of satisfaction in my mind:

1) Saying God’s Word is inerrant or infallible seems pointless because interpretation is subject to error. What is the point of a god who makes an inerrant or infallible book and then gives the Holy Spirit to help interpret it if believers themselves still do not know what most of it actually means or if people are always updating or changing their interpretation? The very fact that in two thousand years no one can still figure out how to inerrantly or infallibly interpret any portion of the Bible is excellent evidence that it would be pointless for God to make the work itself inerrant or infallible in any way. Although I can think of very good reasons men would invent the idea of infallibility or inerrancy…

2) God’s Word is insufficient because other tools must be used or invented to interpret it. Think commentaries, archaeology, Greek and Hebrew language studies, etc. If one cannot properly understand what God said unless they study these things, then God’s Word is insufficient. Enough said…

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The Golden Rule challenge to Christians

As a believer in Christianity, I reached a point where I ran into this dilemma:

Christians are supposed to follow the golden rule.

Christians ask those outside the faith to seriously question their own beliefs.

Therefore, if I was to be an honest Christian following the golden rule, I should analyze my own beliefs to the same degree which I require those outside the faith to do.

At this point, I began to study the atheist / skeptic perspective in depth and discovered I could no longer hold onto my faith because under scrutiny it was no better than any other religious worldview.

Now then, what I find so hard to understand is how Jesus advocated following the golden rule (“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”) yet I have met very few – if any – Christians who seriously follow this principle in their attempts to proselytize.

I guess my question is this: why is this so hard for Christians to seriously do? Most believers I have met tend to isolate their study to that material which either confirms what they believe and / or debunks every other worldview. Why do you guys think this is?

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The Gospel Story – Act 3: Future Hope and God’s Wrath

In Act 1, we discussed the events that lead to the fall of our world (which brought about death and destruction and nasty things that we do not like). In Act 2, we discussed the love of God in sending Jesus to save us from a problem which we had no part in creating. Finally, in this act we will be discussing the wonderful news that death has been conquered and Jesus is coming back again and how you can make the most advantage of the vagueness associated with this notion and help the church make money and thereby fulfill the great commission and help God!

Where did we leave off? Oh, yes, right about where Mel Gibson left Jesus: in the grave. Well, you know that tiny clip of Jesus walking naked out of the tomb? That, my new believer friends, is only the beginning.

You see, Jesus not only died, but he rose again according to the Scriptures on the third day (I would highly recommend never looking for the passage in the Old Testament that predicts this because you wouldn’t want to damage your new found faith!) He did this to conquer one of mankind’s greatest personified enemies: death. And this was also done so that Jesus would become the first fruits (that is a fancy sacrifice) among all mankind. Just as Adam died and brought death into the world, so Jesus rose and brought life and light to all mankind. This is joy and wonder of your faith, my brothers and sisters!

Now that you know what happened, the next important thing is to think about the future because the future can even be scarier when God is involved (remember the flood?). God has promised to some day not only return but to destroy the entire earth with fire. While this may sound simple, this is extremely complicated theology because God needed to give theologians something super hard to study while he was being patient for every elect person to be saved…

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The Gospel Story – Act 2: Human Sacrificial Love

In Act 1 we discovered the events that lead to the chaotic and tumultuous world we now find ourselves in. We left off with our hero – Noah – who was the only righteous man alive.

Now God told Noah to build this big boat and it took him a really, really long time to build it. In fact, it took a couple hundred years. But Noah had some help because God decided to save Noah and his family – even though Noah was the only righteous one God found. Obviously Noah would not be able to reproduce by himself so God saved them all because He is merciful and for some reason likes full households and happy families more than individuals (for more information, ask James Dobson). And God saved a lot of animals. Well, he only saved two (or seven) of each kind. But you have to remember that this was before micro-evolution had really gone into full swing and so there were not a lot of species on the planet. Somehow they all fit into the boat (probably because they were babies). Then God sent the flood and killed everything except for some seeds which obviously survived, and miraculously salt-water and fresh-water fish survived in the tumult and obviously everything in Noah’s boat (affectionately called the “ark”) was safe too.

After the flood, God invented the rainbow (because refraction of light through tiny water droplets in the air to produce a prism effect did not exist before the giant canopy of water fell to the earth even though a mist used to rise from the ground to water all the plants). The rainbow symbolizes God’s promise to never again destroy the earth with a flood. In fact, as we will soon discover God has better plans when he gets upset in the future: He is going to use fire (isn’t it nice to know it won’t be water though?!)

Now you may ask why God gave the rainbow and made the promise. Well, you see…

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