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Is the rise of atheism and feminism destroying the “traditional family?”

2005 Major World Religions BreakdownAccording to Wikipedia, over half of the world’s population profess to be followers of Christianity and Islam. These religions have significantly contributed to what many consider “traditional family” concepts. However, whether or not atheism and feminism are the underlying reasons these concepts are quickly becoming obsolete is questionable. I think there were several factors working together that ushered in a new type of family framework for the 21st century family.

The industrial age, with its long working hours, certainly did not help the traditional family. In fact, this era seems to be the beginning of the end for the concept of a working father with a housewife and good little kiddies at home.

The sexual revolution helped everyone shake their prudish ways and realize there was more to life than a single monogamous relationship. Men have known this for thousands of years, but the sexual revolution opened the door for women to put aside their religious teachings to instead explore their sexuality.

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The real definition of a godly woman

Praying WomanSince I grew up in a very conservative Christian home, I know full well how the Bible Belt would define a godly woman. She would submit to her husband, she would meekly obey her husband and she would take care of the kids and the house without complaint. That is what their holy book demands.

However, if you ask me, that version of a godly woman is dated and sexist. Therefore, I think it is high time to revise that stale definition of a godly woman and to make it something that is far more gender equitable.

As a Christian, I struggled with wrapping my mind around the injustices meted out to women by holy books written eons ago. It is bad enough that little girls must hear how evil they are because some fictitious woman ate an apple long ago in a far away place, but it is even worse when normal biological occurrences, like painful labor during birth, is attributed to the curse of being a woman.

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Whether or not you believe in God, you should live your life with love, kindness, compassion, mercy and tolerance while trying to make the world a better place. If there is no God, you have lost nothing and will have made a positive impact on those around you. If there is a benevolent God reviewing your life, you will be judged on your actions and not just on your ability to blindly believe in creeds- when there is a significant lack of evidence on how to define God or if he/she even exists.



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