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Have a Jesus Day!

A light-hearted article for a change.

I have recently learned to find great humor in Bumper Sticker Christianity. You know what I mean. Those short and crisp blurbs of pseudo-doctrinal statements that you see planted on the back cars, or on the marquee of your local church, which express Christianity in simple and catchy soundbytes. I confess that I used to own a pin that said “No Jesus No Peace, Know Jesus Know Peace”. I proudly wore it on my hat for years as an expression of my faith.

Have A Jesus Day!About two months ago, some interesting billboards began covering the broadsides of the metro buses in my adopted hometown of El Paso. I thought I had heard it all after “What Would Jesus Do?”, but this was a new one. A lady standing in a daisy field, with arms upraised proclaims, “Have a Jesus Day!” Simple and harmless enough, I guess.

But I have to wonder if any of El Paso’s bus riders stop and think what it means to “Have a Jesus Day?” I admit that I have no idea what it is supposed to mean…

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Christian Fun Facts: Heroes of the Faith

Camp MeetingA poster on XnForums who goes by the handle of Jimmy Page, gave us this list of “heroes of faith” from Christianity’s Charismatic/Pentecostal/Word of Faith camp. This is not an exhaustive list and I can think of many “heroes” who should be added to this list.

David Hogan–“Faith Healer” who became popular during the Pensacola Revival at Brownsville, Assemblies of God, who claimed to have resurrected some 200 stiffs, who claims to have a vehicle that was/is able to drive under water (by the power of the Holy Spirit, of course), and a host of other claims too numerous to list here.

Kim Clement–The rockin’ rappin prophet who has made so many false predictions that it beggars my ability to list them. A favorite of TBN’s Jan Crouch, this South African-born “prophet” has been making bad predictions for years and, to no one’s surprise who knows the charismatic world, has not been called to answer for them…

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The Confessions of a Former Christian

Here’s a video by the Atheist Dad (aka The Fighting Atheist):

– The de-Convert

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Speaking in Tongues: Shandalahai!

Reader Jessica Cassidy contributes the following story:

I once belonged to a church who focused on gifts and titles of the clergy…if you spoke and addressed the was like they called u a deacon or a minister. The first time I heard someone speak in tongues, I was a little afraid because it was new. I ran from this gift that God wanted to give me because of fear of the unknown. Finally, I stopped running and accepted this gift from our gracious Father…and it is truly an awesome experience. Not everyone has the gift or receives it. It is God’s gift to give and if the Holy Spirit doesn’t direct you into that direction (not people) then it isn’t of God. When my friends heard me speak in tongues, they didn’t believe that I truly had the gift because I only uttered the same thing over and over again…they told me that I needed to pray for the completion of my tongues. What is that??? God is perfect and complete and the gift is perfect and complete as well. If I was supposed to say more than what I spoke, then I would have. My point is, churches can really get caught up in the laws of God and the spiritual gifts. It isn’t that we shouldn’t obey God’s laws, but the laws shouldn’t be our main focus. We should always be focused on our Lord and allow Him to do the changing in us and all we have to do is Love him with ALL of OUR hearts… if we truly love Him and desire to serve Him, the laws will be obeyed automatically…”

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Who says church can’t be fun?

Getting drunk in church!!!!

April 27, 2007 at 11:51 pm 7 comments

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