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Garden of the Gods

From the Ghent altarpiece by Jan van Eyck And the LORD God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” Out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, From the Ghent altarpiece by Jan van Eyckand brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name. So Adam gave names to all cattle, to the birds of the air, and to every beast of the field. But for Adam there was not found a helper comparable to him. – Genesis 2:18-20 (NKJV)

I have always loved the creation stories in the Bible. They were probably among the first things that I read in Scripture, since I remember them from early childhood, and also they are in the front of the book! Christians have interpreted Genesis 2 and 3, the famous story of the Garden of Eden, to be the Fall of Man and the origin of Sin.

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Is Heaven Bogus?

my-heaven.jpgI’m not sure about my title, I originally entitled this article, “To Suffer or Not To Suffer?” You tell me what is more appropriate.

Most of my best ideas come to me while in the shower. Most of my worst ideas also come to me while in the shower. My point – most of my ideas comes to me while in the shower. Since Scavella recently expressed disappointed with some of the recent articles for what may be considered straw man arguments, I felt that this might allow for some more philosophical argumentation. You will, however, have to excuse me for the lack of philosophical articulation in this post. Like most epiphanies, especially ones that happen in the shower, this one could easily be shot down with one sentence – I am looking for that one sentence. So theists, please help me with this one. This is not an argument against the existence of god/God/G-d. It is an argument against the incompatibility of earthly suffering and heaven.

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How Creationism Destroys Faith

I wrote this article awhile ago on my personal blog (August 13, 2006 to be exact), but Roopster gave me permission to re-submit some of my old works. I apologize if some of the links are out of date. This post is, of course, a polemic against Biblical literalism, not all Christians. So lets not go there. If you are a theistic evolutionist or whatever, good on yea, let’s move on.

I often wonder what is a greater threat to the Christian faith, the theory of evolution or the belief in creationism (currently passing itself off as “Intelligent Design”). Honestly, I hate writing about the subject and so this will probably be the only time you ever read about it from me. The reason that I am writing this now is the result of a recent article I read in the Globe and Mail (a nationwide Canadian newspaper). The article stated that the journal, Science, published a study that found only 40% of Americans believed in the theory of evolution and an astonishing 39% considered the theory “absolutely false”. Comparatively, at least 80% of citizens of Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, and France believe that the theory of evolution it true. What is even more astonishing is that the percentage of “unsure” Americans has grown from 7% in 1985 to 21% in 2005. It is obvious that the culprit of the difference between Europe and the United States is religious fundamentalism.

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This one is for the ladies

Okay, the guys might be interested too. goddess_1.jpg

I thought I would share what finally broke me entirely from Christianity. I was reading a book entitled, “When god was a woman,” by Merlin Stone in which the author assembles some very strong evidence to show that early humans in the near and middle east worshiped female deities, lived in matriarchal societies and used a matrilineal line for determining family descendency and inheritance.

That in itself is very interesting. However, I then found out that the northern patriarchal tribes invaded these lands they brutally wiped out all goddess worship and replaced it with their warrior god. Thus, the beginnings of Judaism.

goddess_2.jpgIn fact, when you read in the Old Testament about the many cities destroyed by the Israelites at the behest of their god, those cities often worshipped female deities. The Israelites were supposedly told to kill everyone in the city as they conquered the lands because they worshiped pagan gods.

The truth, however, is that these were the goddesses who were worshipped in the near and middle east for thousands of years – longer than christianity has been around today, according to the author of this book…

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Christian response to the Atheist vs. Christian Debate

Christian Commentary

ABC News Nightline Christian-Atheist FaceoffFirst let me say that I was disappointed in the documentary. It wasn’t nearly long enough and didn’t do justice to the event – But on to some thoughts.

Granted, I have a bias (like everyone does) on this issue, and mine happens to be a Christian one. Yet, before any tenets of the arguments were discussed, the first thing I noticed was the anger – and this theme continued throughout the whole documentary. Perhaps they caught the atheists on a rough day, but I have never seen a group of people so consumed by anger. I truly feel bad for them. Unfortunately, this anger led to disrespect. Interestingly, the atheists were the ones sporting the “Holier than thou” attitude as it was evident through their remarks, reactions, and body language. The Christian debaters trumped the atheists in regards to civility.

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Why I (a Christian) Admire Atheists

Christian Commentary

Simply put, I admire Atheists. You would think, given my religious perspective and convictions, that an Atheist would be considered my “Darth Vader” (like they are to many believers), but such is not the case. I honestly believe that today’s Theist can, and should, adopt some vital lessons from the 21st century Atheists.

Atheism requires a continuous quest for knowledge. As a result, the Atheist often advances their own cognitive condition by subjecting themselves to a wealth of information with an overall goal to progress in their beliefs. Information at the Atheist’s fingertips comes from personal experience, psychology, physiology, astronomy, mathematics, history, philosophy, and countless other sources. The Atheist attempts to maximize their potential through continuous self-improvement. The “church” of Atheism provides a supportive, collaborative mechanism for such progression to occur.

The Atheist is quite admirable…

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And man said, let there be God

CreationGrowing up in church, it’s easy to assume that since the beginning of time, God, as defined by the Bible, existed. After all, Genesis 1:1 states that “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” The Bible then proceeds to document the history of humanity.

However, upon closer study, one would discover that this history of humanity is from the perspective of a small group of desert nomads and they referred to themselves, of course, as “God’s chosen people.” If you did not live within this very small region in the Middle East, you may has well have not existed. Furthermore, one would discover that the earliest books of the Bible were written sometime between 800 and 1500 years before Christ – hardly the definition of “in the beginning.” Even Christians who do not believe the earth to be millions of years old, can safely conclude that humans have existed for at least 10,000 years, possibly longer.

Did the earliest humans have a belief in God? If so, was he defined as he is in the Bible? In fact, one could ask was he even a he or was he a she? Female definitions of God pre-date the male definition due to the fact that it was a woman who gave birth to life…

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