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Why d-C? – Where are you Jesus?

As an atheist, it always surprises me that people seriously believe that god really will answer their prayers. Perhaps it’s something you have to be religious in order to comprehend. But some people pray, and pray, and pray, until as one individual put it:

“One day, I was praying and suddenly it struck me that I was talking to myself.”

The following examples are from the 8.51% of the de-conversion stories, amongst the sample I read, in which people tried to speak to god, and they now credit god’s lack of an answer for their de-conversion.

“Being very eager to please, I would often beg Jesus to save me. Expecting trumpets and angels, or at the very least a pat on the head, and getting nothing, I think I just eventually realised god wasn’t going to answer.”

For some the experience of god failing to answer their prayers as promised was a highly distressing experience:

In high school, I gradually started to question more, but did not get satisfactory answers. My prayers for clarity and a stronger faith went unanswered. Why would God let my faith slip? That was the question that haunted me for years…

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70% of Christians in America believe that Christianity is NOT the only way!

Graphic Source: The Dallas Morning News Full Survey Data: The Pew Forum

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Experience God….Really?

Well, I must say that I did not quite expect to get as many responses to the questions on my previous blog, A Curious Christian with a few questions for de-converts, as I did. Wow. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. After some careful study of your answers and thoughts, here’s what I think and what I think I hear some of you saying.

Some of you struggled with leaving your faith, others of you left easily. Some of you were happy as Christians, some of you were miserable. The Bible, for most, is not authoritative in any way, but instead full of contradictions and fantastic stories. Most of you have nothing against Christians, you just think that many of them are misguided. No one seemed to have a problem with Jesus (I can only think of one post where that was an exception). The hypocrisy of the church turns some of you off, the feeling of being lied to for others.

Some of you felt deserted by God and some of you just awakened from an untruth you thought you had been told, similar to finding out that Santa Claus wasn’t real. In some way you couldn’t reconcile conflicting parts of your faith so you decided that maybe the reason was that God wasn’t there to begin with. One of the most heart-wrenching statements I read was that you prayed for God to help your unbelief and He didn’t answer. Some of you feel like the foundation of your former faith only stood on the slippery slope of personal experience and not on fact.

Am I hearing you correctly? I hope I am. Please let me know if I missed something…

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A treatise on re-conversion

Last week a ‘curious Christian’ asked the question, what would it take to re-convert. I think this is an interesting one, The Apostate noted that this is a little like asking a Christian what it would take to convert to Islam. It’s not an unreasonable challenge though, de-converts have shown themselves open to a change of heart, so I think they must remain open to the possibility of re-conversion.

I’ve always wanted to write a ‘treatise’, I’ve no idea what it means really but it sounds very grand and intelligent, so here we go!! What would it take?

It’s a property of the human psyche to have an interest in any claims pertaining to an afterlife or any ethereal knowledge which could answer the many unanswered questions of existence. Even if the knowledge was ‘bad news’, say that there was a chance of a less than pleasant afterlife I think the reasonable person would rather know than not. Certainly any claims of ‘good news’ opens people’s minds and makes them receptive to a well spun tale. An afterlife where we meet deceased loved ones and a god who has an overseeing and loving plan for us is very seductive.

Of course there are a thousand competing and mutually exclusive claims, so how to determine what if any deity claim is correct and deserving of attention?…

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A Curious Christian with A Few Questions for de-cons

I am new to the whole blogging experience, and I really appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your discussions. I have seen so many great questions and valid points made here on the d-C Blog. This subject matter (former Christians who’ve decided to de-convert) is really interesting to me so if you have time to respond to a few questions, I would really appreciate your feedback.

Just as converting is a thoughtful, careful decision, de-converting seems to be the same type of process, and I am just trying to understand it.

  1. What usually starts the painful process of de-converting? How does one suddenly believe so strongly one way and then reject that belief the next? (Not to imply that it is a decision that one would ever take lightly or not struggle with for some time)
  2. Do de-cons often continue to attend a church? If so, why?
  3. Are de-cons open to returning to the faith or is that impossible?
  4. What is it that turns you off about Christianity the most? The Bible? Christians themselves? Jesus?
  5. What made you the most miserable as a Christian?
  6. What do you really currently think about Christians?…

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One Way to De-Bunk Christianity

Christian Commentary

Hello again everyone. I’m happy to say that I finally have some time to make a post on this blog. Sparing you the details, let’s just say that finishing up grad school is pretty time consuming… but enough about that, on to the my topic!

Without question, the internet has increased the level of human interaction and discussion (this blog alone stands as a perfect example). Through the years, I have seen discussions of all sorts, but naturally, I am most interested in ones concerning religious manners. I have seen countless arguments on why Christianity is a fraud, so I thought that I would share one with you.

One way to argue the falsehood of Christianity is to point out the human element of the Bible, that is, to demonstrate that the Bible contains political and social biases of the variety of authors. Doing so provides evidence that the book is more or less human invention and therefore discredits any divinity claims.

There you go! That is one way to de-bunk big bad Christianity!! The end!

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“De-conversion is not possible since you were never converted”

Featured Discussion

There’s an interesting discussion taking place on one of our threads relating to whether or not “de-converts” were ever really ever converted in the first place.

… if people were asking questions and not finding their own answers through bible studies and research, how could they have “de-converted”? What did they de-convert from? Uncertainty? Looks to me like they didn’t convert in the first place. I’ve read a few dozen “de-conversion” stories and I have yet to read one where they remembered to include their initial “conversion experience”. – Jim Jordon

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June 1, 2008 at 11:48 am

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Whether or not you believe in God, you should live your life with love, kindness, compassion, mercy and tolerance while trying to make the world a better place. If there is no God, you have lost nothing and will have made a positive impact on those around you. If there is a benevolent God reviewing your life, you will be judged on your actions and not just on your ability to blindly believe in creeds- when there is a significant lack of evidence on how to define God or if he/she even exists.



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